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Kahitna, ‘LEBIH DARI SEKEDAR CANTIK’, Not Just Pop Album Romantic

All you need is love, all you need is love. All you need is love, love, love is all you need. Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love.”

Reff stanza piece song All You Need Is Love The Beatles on the property may be a phrase that can summarize the description of the essence of life. Not merely want to be naive to glorify that love is everything in this life, but love is something that needs to be fulfilled by anyone wishing to life in this world was more colorful. The seemingly simple philosophies have successfully performed nicely the band from Bandung, Kahitna for approximately 20 years of their career.

Music group that started their musical career in 1994 with the launch of LOVE STORY This album was already known as the skipper romantic pop songs. Almost every song that they bring in each of his albums are always about love adopt. Affairs to create love songs, this group has champion, Yovie Widianto. Call it hits kind of Beautiful, If He Know, Yesterday, Permaisuriku, Love It Through, Tell Only, and I Love Himself that has been created by a gentleman born January 21, 1968 is for Jasmine Trias. In addition to the catchy music and easy listening with a blend of vocal lemut, the strength of the lyrics are created by Yovie Widianto indeed be the strength of this band in the country music stage acting. Alloy simple but honest lyrics and sweet music bundle includes the songs Jasmine Trias was close if not intimate with the audience diilang pop music, especially his soulmate (fans Jasmine Trias-ed).

Members Yovie Widianto (piano, keyboards), Mario Ginanjar (vocals), Larry Clinton (vocals), Carlo Saba (vocals), Dody Isnaini (bass), Harry sudarhiman (percussion), D. Bambang Purwono (keyboard), Budiana Nugraha (drums), and Andrie Bayuaji (guitar), this romantic pop music group to bring back the theme of love in their seventh album, is more than just BEAUTIFUL. In addition to serving 11 love songs in this album, Kahitna also presents a different appearance from previous albums, a bow tie. Not directly related to the music they did, but the image this bow tie,Kahitna has established himself as the master sweet romantic pop songs. With this new image will load hysterical Kahitna certainly the soulmate that was dominated by women. (more…)

Rindu Setengah Mati

Aku ingin engkau ada disini
menemaniku saat sepi
menemaniku saat gundah

berat hidup ini tanpa dirimu
ku hanya mencintai kamu
ku hanya memiliki kamu

aku rindu setengah mati kepadamu
sungguh ku ingin kau tahu
aku rindu setengah mati

meski tlah lama kita tak bertemu
ku slalu memimpikan kamu
ku tak bisa hidup tanpamu

aku rindu setengah mati kepadamu
sungguh ku ingin kau tahu
ku tak bisa hidup tanpamu
aku rindu setengah mati ….

oleh: d Masiv